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Claus Windelev is a self-taught artist who started drawing already at a young age in Denmark where he was born and grew up. This was the era before television and internet but there was always reems of discarded paper from his dad’s office to be used for artisticexpressions. The trusted tools were the lead pencils and the black ink pens and the subjects spanned from stories, fantasy and nature to people and animals. Later in life Claus started his life-long journey with watercolor which he has tried to master using his own style, covering a multitude of subjects. He is still drawing and keeping the pen and ink active as can be seen from the prints shown.

Born in Denmark in 1943 during the German occupation, Claus Windelev developed an interest in world affairs at an early age. His international work and love for exploring the diversity of human cultures led him to extensive travels around the globe. He always kept an open mind and tried to understand the differences between peoples. An engineer by profession, Mr. Windelev is fluent in several languages, as well as being a celebrated painter. Mr. Windelev is the author of the five publications, “Ethics – for you and the rest of the world”, “Common Sense – An Outsider’s look from the Inside”, “Common Sense – for humans”, “Four Friends” (Comics) and “Donald J. Trump’s Follies”.

The artwork is shown in different categories, ① Watercolor prints, ②Ink drawing prints and ③ Books/Comics. Prices are shown for print sizes listed. Other print sizes may be ordered individually with adjustment to price accordingly. Printing time is usually one week from order.



Claus Windelev is taking a critical look at many of the conflicting and at times divisive practices, which seem to have removed the concepts of common sense from public and private discourse. Claus Windelev asks the hard question, whether we as a nation still have the collective will and endurance to tackle the apparent breakdown of civil discourse and the destructive consequences of an “everything goes” mentality. The fissures of this great nation with its hardliners and distaste for compromise and cooperation could otherwise lead to serious national dysfunction. The threat to the fabric of the nation has been made even more apparent in this period with a divisive and mercurial President. It seems as if facts no longer matter and as if the truth is a malleable concept which serves the agenda of the day. But even more dangerous is the promotion of fear and despair, which has an innate ability to feed on itself. The proliferation of social media has made this downward spiral of hopelessness and gloom more difficult to reverse as the frustration and anger of everyone gets a voice in the chorus. Our problems, be they poverty, violence, sickness, education, or ageing infrastructure must be recognized, analyzed, and dealt with, constructively and unified with passion and empathy. America again must become the “Can do” nation, a nation with vision and courage. That requires a positive attitude and a belief in community and trust in governance. Our collective mind set must be changed from “Off” to “On”. Windelev is expressing an insight and analytical maturity which has been honed from a lifetime of exposure to a multitude of diverse cultures and practices. This has enabled Windelev to suggest constructive ways of improving behavior and discourse through the application of a greater deal of common sense.

Donald J. Trump’s Follies

When Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America the world as we knew it was turned upside down. His “Governing by Tweets” became the new norm, and the Administration became his new personal tool for self-aggrandizement and enrichment. But his arrival also meant a trove for satirists and comics who were bestowed a daily dose of never ending incredibly useful material. In that area he never disappointed. What you heard was what he wanted you to hear. It was extremely transparent, shocking, and mostly unbelievable. So, with the arrival of President Trump on the scene Claus Windelev became inspired to combine his fondness of satire with his love of drawing. This book is the portrayal of the four years of Trump in the Oval Office depicted with all its zaniness and psychopathic behavior. The material herein is satirical, and the reader shall therefore be free to draw his or her own conclusion as to the veracity of the statements made.


In Claus Windelev's insightful new work of what might be termed 'pop phi¬losophy', topics from steroid-abusing athletes to insider trading are explored with a rare mix of judgment and empathy that is the mark of a truly talented critical thinker. Windelev is unafraid of offending the elite, and his occasional vacillations are not the result of all-too-common handholding or weak argu¬ments; rather they are illustrative of his deep desire to grasp issues in their en-tirety. More than anything, Windelev's courageous analysis leaves no room for procrastination, rather, it is a clarion call for immediate and effective action. Clearly, Windelev's ambitious aim is to spark the desire for the public to de¬bate these issues and for the everyday citizen to become involved in the legal and ethical framework of society. Without question Ethics for YOU (and the rest of the world] is a huge step in exactly this direction. If it takes a globe-trotting European businessman cum philosopher to wake America up, so be it. He has my more than enthusiastic vote (New York Times review by best selling author, Ellen Tanner Marsh)

Four Friends

Four Friends find themselves transported to another time and place where good battles evil and where hope trumps despair. They find that they can actually make a difference and with their youthful exuberance and stealthy nerves they manage to set things right in this story of prehistoric tribes and Four Friends on a mission. This is all fiction, but it could have happened, right?

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About Us

Claus Windelev is a self-taught artist who started drawing already at a young age in Denmark where he was born and grew up. This was the era before television and internet but there was always reems of discarded paper from his dad’s office to be used for artisticexpressions.

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